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Camps and Activities

Please check back for updates.  If you are aware of additions to include in this listing, please contact SD Parent Connection at

Find additional programs and activities through your local:

  • libraries and community centers
  • schools and churches
  • youth leagues or sports organizations
  • park and recreation programs
  • youth organizations such as Boy/Girl Scouts, Boys/Girls Clubs, YMCA or YWCA
  • childcare facilities and programs
  • 211 Helpline (where available)
  • independent living centers
  • organizations serving individuals with disabilities or special needs
  • United Way or Chamber of Commerce offices

Consider programs/activities that your child's typically developing peers are involved in. Many are supportive and willing to accommodate a child with a special need.  Your child will gain opportunities for fun and friendships.

Cost a factor?

When exploring opportunities for your child/family, do not hesitate to ask program staff about discounted fees, sliding fee scales for families with Medicaid/limited resources; scholarships for children with special needs; or referrals to programs that may provide financial assistance so children may participate.

If your family is involved with any state or local programs to support your child with special needs, check to see if that may be a resource for financial assistance for recreational or educational opportunities.  If not, ask them for referrals.

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