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Board of Directors

*Parent/guardian of a child with a disability


Kristi W headshot

Kristi Wallin

President, Sioux Falls

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Andrew R headshot

Andrew Renke*

Co-President, Sioux Falls

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Amber W headshot

Amber Winkler*

Secretary, Sioux Falls

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Liz K headshot

Elizabeth Krogstad*

Past President, Sioux Falls

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Musheera A headshot

Musheera Mohammed Anis Abdellatif*

Member, Brandon

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Elizabeth W headshot

Elizabeth Welf*

Member, Spearfish

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A person wearing a purple shirt and smiling at the camera

Haley Coss*

Member, St. Lawrence

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Lorna (Emmy) Her Many Horses

Member, Pine Ridge

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A woman smiling for the camera

Lora Barthleman

Member, Sioux Falls

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Myriah Ventura**

Member, Sioux Falls

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Chris Nickles

Member, Sioux Falls

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New Board Member

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