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The HIKE Fund, Inc.

The Hearing Improvement Kids Endowment Fund provides hearing devices for children with hearing losses between the ages of newborn and 20.

How to Apply? Download application and refer to instructions.

Documentation Needed:

  • A letter from the parent(s) or guardian(s) explaining the financial need.
  • Statement of Income and Expenses.
  • A copy of last year’s Federal Income Tax Return 1040 pages 1 & 2 and the most recent pay stub(s) from each wage earner (parents and/or guardians only).
  • A recent (not more than twelve (12) months old) audiogram AND quote from a licensed and/or certified audiologist and/or physician.
  • An itemized cost quotation from the supplier which should include cost of hearing aid(s) or device(s), cost of ear mold(s), professional fees (evaluation, fitting/dispensing fee, follow up visits, repairs/warranty per year, batteries, and insurance – loss or damage). Please give your supplier the portion of this application entitled, “Information for Supplier”.
  • Please emphasize to your child’s supplier that it is important to provide an address and telephone number in the space provided on the application form. 


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