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IHS provides health services through IHS and tribally contracted hospitals, health centers, school health centers, and health stations. IHS provides services to any persons of Indian descent who seek treatment at an IHS facility and does not require a finding that they “belong to” the local Indian community. Services provided include medical, dental, and environmental health programs. Disease prevention/ health promotion, alcoholism, substance abuse, suicide, accidents, maternal and child health, and nutrition are emphasized at IHS.

Website: Phone: (605) 226-7581

Cheyenne River Sioux Service Unit
Eagle Butte: 
(605) 964-7724

Flandreau Service Unit
(605) 997-2642

Fort Thompson Service Unit
Ft. Thompson: 
(605) 245-1540

Lower Brule Service Unit
Lower Brule: 
(605) 473-5526

Pine Ridge Service Unit
(605) 455-2451

Pine Ridge: (605) 867-5131

Wanblee: (605) 462-6155

Rapid City Service Unit
Rapid City: 
(605) 719-4000

Rosebud Service Unit
(605) 747-2231

Standing Rock Service Unit
(605) 823-4458

Sisseton/Wahpeton Service Unit
Sisseton-Woodrow Wilson Keeble Memorial Health Care Center: 
(605) 698-7606

Yankton/Wagner Service Unit
(605) 384-3621

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