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Kindergarten Readiness Videos
This series of 6 short programs helps parents and caregivers to understand how they can use everyday interactions and materials found in the home to help their child prepare for kindergarten. Each video explores a different domain of early learning and demonstrates ways in which parents/caregivers can foster skill development in each area. The final video provides guidance for parents and caregivers who have concerns about their child's level of "readiness" for school.

Webinars from
On demand webinars with topics related to school and students with ADHD, learning disabilities, and other co-occurring conditions.

Understanding Red Flags of Concern For Your Child
Not all expressions of behavior or typical. At certain ages, children should be able to use better ways of expressing their wants and needs. But, what if they're not? In this session participants will...
Learn how to recognize red flags that might be indicating their child is struggling with his/her social development
Learn who they can reach out to, how and what to expect when they consult with professionals about their concerns
Discuss strategies for working with their child at home and in public when challenges arise

Supporting Social Emotional Development at Home
This session will present strategies parent can use to help their children develop social and emotional skills as well as way to work with their child when challenges occur. In this session participants will...
Discuss preventative strategies to use at home
Learn ways to defuse situations that arise

Learn about positive supports and appropriate consequences for use with young children

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