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Discipline / Guidance

Discipline / Guidance

Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers
Topics include: Communicating with Your Child, Creating Structure and Rules, Giving Directions, Using Discipline and Consequences, and Using Time-Out. Two types of videos are available, one features Real-Life Parenting Challenges that show how parents address every day challenges and find real world solutions. The other features experts offering "How-To" tips and ideas that are direct and to-the-point.

Strategies for Parenting Defiant Children - Webinar
Ross W. Greene, Ph.D., outlines positive parenting techniques that will help oppositional and defiant kids manage frustration and develop greater empathy and reasoning skills. In this audio and slide presentation Dr Greene discusses: tips for calming your defiant child, how to "reason" with your ODD child, strategies to help your kid manage frustration and problem solve.

Successful Co-Parenting After a Divorce
Free online, interactive, multimedia platform with videos demonstrating skills and strategies, extensive resource site, and certificate of training. Applicable to parents, family members and professionals. Modules: Introduction to Divorce and Co-Parenting; Strategies and Skills for Co-Parenting; Self-Care, Transitions, and Safety.

Sexuality and Developmental Disabilities by The Parents Place of Maryland
Parents’ Place of Maryland offers a variety of programs and services that continue to support families of children with disabilities and special health care needs. Serving as Maryland’s Parent Training and Information Center and Family-to-Family Health Information Center, Parents’ Place supports thousands of Maryland families each year. Parents’ Place, staffed primarily by parents who have faced these challenges, believes that experienced parents are a key source of knowledge and support to help other families become effective voices for their own children.

Understanding Red Flags of Concern For Your Child
Not all expressions of behavior or typical. At certain ages, children should be able to use better ways of expressing their wants and needs. But, what if they're not? In this session participants will...

  • Learn how to recognize red flags that might be indicating their child is struggling with his/her social development
  • Learn who they can reach out to, how and what to expect when they consult with professionals about their concerns
  • Discuss strategies for working with their child at home and in public when challenges arise

Social and emotional readiness serves as the foundation for successful participation in group learning experiences such as school. In this session participants will...

Understanding Social Emotional Development of Young Children
Review current information supporting the importance of addressing SEL before children enter school
Learn key developmental social and emotional readiness areas 
Discuss ways to promote developmental readiness at home 

Supporting Social Emotional Development At Home

This session will present strategies parent can use to help their children develop social and emotional skills as well as way to work with their child when challenges occur. In this session participants will...

  • Discuss preventative strategies to use at home
  • Learn ways to defuse situations that arise
  • Learn about positive supports and appropriate consequences for use with young children

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