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Travel into Summer Reading 2021

Travel into Summer Reading

Here is a fun, motivating way for kids to do some reading this summer!
Just request a Travel into Summer Reading packet!
You can choose K-1-2, or 3-4-5 depending on your reader!
Each child will need their own booklet, you can order as many as you need for your family of readers.

Inside the packet there are 10 travel destination reading activities.
Have your child complete all 10 destinations in the packet. Fill out the LAST sheet only
of the packet and send back to SDPC. If you are one of the first 25 travelers
to send your signed sheet back, you will receive a 20-dollar gift card!

Cover PictureCover Picture 2

Here are some examples of your travels:

  • A library scavenger hunt
  • Read a How to Book.
  • New vocabulary activities, including playing games.
  • Phonemic awareness activities as a sound collage.
  • Play I Spy with sounds!
  • Go on a phonics adventure!
  • Get out that cookbook!

To order your packet e-mail:
Request your packets and indicate K-2, or 3-5 Orders end June 11th.
First 25 returned before August 15th receive a 20-dollar gift certificate.

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