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November Training


Students learn best when schools and parents work together. There are key areas schools work on as they help children learn to read. In this session, parents will learn about these areas and how they can work on reading at home with their child. In this session you will learn the 5 instructional areas for reading in school and review activities and resources you can use at home to work with your child.


Struggling to read affects all aspects of learning at school. Therefore, it is important that students who require support to read are identified early and successful strategies put in place to help.

Sometimes students receive a diagnosis of Dyslexia from a doctor or specialist in the community. While schools in South Dakota don't formally diagnose Dyslexia, they still provide services and supports for students who struggle to read because of it. In this session participants will learn about the difference between a diagnosis of Dyslexia and a determination of a Reading Disability by their local school district. Participants will also learn how to address concerns by asking key questions when meeting with their school team.

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