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Study on Language Development in Young Adults with Fragile X syndrome

Do you have a son ordaughter with Fragile Xsyndrome in highschool?
Help us learn more about how certainabilities, experiences, and biologyaffect language abilities in adulthood
for both males and females with fragileX syndrome.

Stamped Fxlaflyer 020521

Participants will take part in fourassessment visits over a 3-yearperiod. Two visits will be completed
at one of our three study sites, andtwo will be completed from home.Each assessment may vary and will
require direct participation from eitheryou or your son/daughter. We will alsoask you to provide some additional
information about your son/daughter.Travel costs will be reimbursed, and families will receive a $200honorarium for completing all parts ofthe study. 322-2943

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