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South Dakota Parent Connection - COVID 19 Update

Starting June 1st SDPC offices in Sioux Falls will be open following our normal business hours from 8:30 – 5:00 Monday – Friday.  We ask that you make an appointment to come in so we can provide the social distancing recommended by the Center for Disease Control.

We will also be asking individuals who come in to the office to wear a protective mask.   If you don’t have one, its okay – we will provide one for you.  

Our Rapid City and Aberdeen Outreach Specialists will continue to take your emails and calls at this time.  They can be reached at the following email and phone numbers:

Lisa Merchen
Outreach Specialist, Rapid City Area
(605) 348-0305

Tina Kenser
Outreach Specialist, Aberdeen Area
(605) 691-0709  

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