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Board of Vocational Rehabilitation Statewide Independent Living Council

Board of Vocational Rehabilitation

Statewide Independent Living Council

221 South Central Avenue, Suite 33

Pierre SD 57501

Phone: 605.494.3613 Fax: 605.224.8320

TO: Interested Individuals Organizations

FROM: Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

SUBJECT: Seeking Nominations for Champion of Independent Living Services

The Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) is seeking your support in gathering nominations to identify Champions of Independent Living Services.

Nominations are being sought of those who have gone above and beyond what is expected. Please help us identify individuals or organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to assisting individuals with disabilities reach their goal of living independently in their home and community of choice.

Examples of a Champion of Independent Living Services could include:

v A person with a disability;

v Parent or family member of person with a disability;

v Professional who has dedicated their lives to disability rights;

v Community organization, business or school for innovative programs that are fully inclusive and accessible.

This award recognizes and honors individuals, organizations and businesses that exemplify the SILCs vision that all South Dakotans are treated with respect, live in an accessible and inclusive community of their choosing. Whether it is through innovative ideas or a lifetime of advocacy, the Champion of Independent Living Award recipient has contributed to making a positive difference for people with disabilities.

A nomination form is included to share information about your nominee(s). Please include a success story of the individual or organization you feel should be recognized for their service in support of individuals with significant disabilities. Thank you for supporting efforts to raise awareness about individuals or organizations who contribute to the success of people with disabilities living independently throughout our state.

Nominations are due Friday, June 25th. If you have any questions, please contact SILC staff at 605-494-3613, or




This award is given to an individual, business or organization in recognition of their contributions in support and advancement of individuals with significant disabilities to live as independently as they choose in their community.

Nominees Name: ______________________________________________________

Nominees Address: ____________________________________________________

Nominees Phone Number: ________________ Email: _________________________

Nomination Submitted By: ________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________ Email: ________________________________

When making your nomination, please provide a statement describing how the nominee embodies being a Champion of Independent Living through their efforts. How did this person, business or organization make a difference? Please include an explanation of the activities including the type of service, support, sponsorship or work provided that contributed to a person(s) with a significant disability living independently.

Please consider adding statements from individuals directly affected by the efforts of this nominee or attach a letter(s) of support. Please include a picture or articles that support the nomination. You may attach additional sheets, if needed. Please limit nomination and additional items to 5 pages or less.

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