South Dakota Parent Connection

Individualized Assistance

Have Questions? We Can Help.

At South Dakota Parent Connection, helping families and professionals has been at the heart of our work since 1985. We serve families with children with all disabilities and special needs, whether emotional, behavioral, learning, physical, or mental health. Our staff are parents and family members of children with disabilities who can relate to the challenges you face. Caring and knowledgeable staff provide information and guidance to families that help support the needs of their child.

Experienced staff will listen to your concerns, provide information that will help you better understand your role, and help develop a comprehensive plan for addressing your unique needs. We can help improve your level of understanding so that you can move forward feeling more empowered to advocate for your child.

We can help families with unique needs:

Some kids struggle in school and the struggle is even harder without the proper support. Because there are times when complicated school-related issues require additional information and support, South Dakota Parent Connection has a variety of programs and resources available.
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