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Parent Briefs are a collection of articles and references on a specific topic. Click on the topic below to download the appropriate brief or contact us at (800) 640-4553 or

What Parents Should Know...

About ADA/504/IDEA,
Which Laws Do What?

About Reaching Age 18

About Evaluation
and Re-evaluation

About Transition Planning

About Child's Early Development

About Back To School

Understanding and
Preventing Bullying

About Handwriting

About Extended School Year

About Health
Care Coordination

About Sensory Processing

Other Topic Specific Resources

Concussion/Head Injury

What is Section 504?

Planning As Our Children Grow

Social Emotional Development

Understanding Reading & Reading Challenges

What Do They Mean
Accommodations Modifications?

About Parent Rights &
Responsibilities in
Special Education

High School Graduation Requirements


Exiting IEP Services and Supports

Featured Resource

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Check out our most recent publication, “Understanding School Testing and Test Scores” created to help parents better understand the data included in their child’s evaluation so they can best advocate for their needs.

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