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Special Education

A Checklist for Evaluation Requests
Developed by South Dakota Parent Connection and South Dakota Advocacy Services. Download Evaluation Checklist

Sample Request for an Evaluation
Download Sample Request for Evaluation Letter

A Parent's Guide: Educational Interventions and Evidence-Based Practices
Download Guide

Unique Needs Revisited - Legal Pull Out Section
From our partner Disability Rights South Dakota

Preparing for an IEP - A Few Suggestions

  • Prepare notes about what they want to learn/find out at a meeting.
  • Bring someone along as a source of support.
  • If compromising, define how and when to evaluate if compromise is working.
  • Try to remain calm.
  • Saying I don't know what you mean" is a demonstration of confidence and competence

Video:  What's the difference between an IEP and a 504 Plan?

Parent and Educator Resource Guide to Section 504 in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

Dear Colleague Letter & Students with ADHD and Section 504: A Resource Guide

Protecting Students with Disabilities: Frequently Asked Questions About Section 504 and the Education of Children with Disabilities

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