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Health Related Special Needs

Camp Gilbert - Waubay
Camp for children ages 8 - 18 with diabetes. Located at NeSoDak camp near Waubay. Call at 605-212-6027 or email at

Camp Odayin - Stillwater, Minnesota
1-866-963-2946 or 651-351-9185
Day, residential and family camps for children with heart disease. Email at

Diabetes - Nationwide
Call at 651-351-9185

Kamp for Kids - Family Diabetes Camp
For children with diabetes.

NeedyMeds Camps
This is a listing of camps for children and adults with specific diseases, and for children who have a parent or a family member with a specific disease. These are not necessarily free camps, or camps for financially needy children and families. But, some of these camps offer financial aid, so contact the individual camp for details. If you're looking for programs that provide general financial aid for camping or other activities, then go to the Diagnosis Based Assistance area of NeedyMeds and search by the specific disease.

The programs listed in this database include camps for children with one specific disease, whole types of diseases (such as all types of cancers) or broader chronic diseases. Many of these camps are funded by either private or government organizations. Some camps take children from anywhere in the U.S., while others are limited to people in specific states. Most have some type of eligibility requirements, usually financial ones.

How to Search for Camps

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