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Sped Guide

The School Year is Right Around the Corner

For Parents - South Dakota Parent Connection and Disability Rights South Dakota have created a user-friendly guide to understanding your parent rights if you have a child in special education. As you prepare for the upcoming school year, this is a great resource to book on as a favorite on your web browser or download to have handy for any questions you may have throughout the year.

If you have a student who has recently been evaluated or is set to be evaluated for the first time through your local school district. This guide can help you understand the processes involved, what you can expect, and your rights and schools responsibilities.

For Professionals - If you are a new teacher this guide is a valuable resource for you to use in explaining processes and procedures from referral, assessment, and identification, to IEP development, transition, and exiting special education.

Download an electronic copy or order a paper copy today!

What Parents Should Know...About Special Education in South Dakota

D2d Book

A Companion to the Guide

An additional resource to the What Parents Should Know guide, is the Dare to Dialogue...Reach YES! thatprovides answers to specific questions commonly asked by parents regarding securing evaluations, services and supports. South Dakota Parent Connection and Disability Rights South Dakota have collaborated to create this resource to help families understand child and parent rights provided by special education, advocate for their children, and respond to "no" in factual and positive ways.

Download an electronic copy or order a paper copy today! (Available in English and Spanish)

Dare to Dialogue...Reach YES!

Wait, There is a Difference Between Accommodations and Modifications!?

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For Parents Professionals - Understanding accommodations and modificationsis important for parents and professionals. Accommodations and modifications support learners either through an Individual Education Plan or a 504 Plan. Decisions made regarding the use of accommodations and modifications may impact students later such as when planning for graduation. After reviewing these videos and power points, you will gain confidence in decision making regarding the use of both accommodations and modifications as it pertains to individual students.

Here are some resources that can help:

On Demand Learning: Understanding Accommodations and Modifications

What Do They Mean? Accommodations Modifications

The Difference Between Accommodation and Modifications

Podcast: How to Select the Best School Accommodations

Here are some other resources that can help:

What Parents Should Know...Parent Rights and Responsibilities in Special Education

On Demand Learning: Understanding 504s and Individualized Education Plans

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