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Let's Get Organized!

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For Parents -Is your child on an IEP? Do you have an increasing stack of school and medical reports, therapy records, evaluations? South Dakota Parent Connectioncan help!

Learn more about how to organize important documents for your child with special needs. Whether you are a parent, or a young adult with a disability learning to independently take care of important documents, we have a system for maintaining and organizing important documents.

  • FILE -The folder of Information of Life Experiences (FILE) helps you organize the information you gather, information you need and information you share with others along the way.
  • MyFILE -The system was developed to help young adults maintain and organize information.

For Professionals - Would you like a way to help parents keep all their important special education and related documents organized? The FILE system is an excellent organizational tool for parents. If you are a high school teacher, the MyFile would be a wonderful tool to help young adults become more independent. You, as the educator, can assist and teach them how to use this system to support the building of self-advocacy and independence.

Learn more about the FILE and MyFILE

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