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School is Just Around the Corner

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Resources for Parents and Professionals

During August we are highlighting resources that can help parents and professionals prepare for back to school.

Check back often for more information.

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Preparing Young Children for Back to School

For Parents - Is your child starting preschool or returning to an early childhood special education classroom? Whether your child is developing typically or may have a developmental delay, it's important to understand criticaldevelopmental milestones. South Dakota Parent Connection can help you understand and provide tips on preparing children (and parents) for sending your preschooler to school as well as easing the transition from summer to school for young children who are returning to a preschool program.

Here are some resources that can help:

For Professionals- Preparing for a new year of teaching young children is both exciting and stressful. South Dakota Parent Connection hasinformation that can help you and your student's parents prepare for a successful year. Learn tips on how to talk with parents about concerns you may have, and help parents understand developmental milestones, so they can provide you with information on both the strengths and needs of their children that they observe in the home. You will also find a back to school guide to share with parents to help them prepare for a smooth transition.

Here are some resources that can help:

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