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Transition Part 2: Irritability and Challenging Behavior

Location: Virtual
Date: January 25 at 3:00pm

3:00 CT / 2:00 MT

Family ECHO: Autism

Family ECHO: Autism is a virtual learning program for families and caregivers raising children with autism. This series is designed to educate families so that parents and caregivers can learn to better support and care for their child with autism.

In each session, presenters will share a case study and best practices that will deepen your understanding of autism and help you better advocate for your child with autism.

Eligible participants will register to participate in several 75-minute virtual sessions. Each session will include:

  • A presentation from subject matter experts about critical topics and best practices related to autism.
  • An interactive discussion about a clinical case study.
  • A Q&A with the presenter and an opportunity to provide feedback.
  • Families are connected to relevant resources to continue their learning journey. 



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