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Special 3-Part Webinar Series: Managing ADHD Across the Lifespan

Location: Webinar
Date: August 13 at 7:45pm

August 13:
Key Concerns in Diagnosing and Treating Children Description: Children with ADHD face a range of challenges from a young age, from managing impulsivity and emotions to difficulties with focus and behavior at school — all of this complicated by comorbid diagnoses. This webinar will address the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, how to identify and manage common challenges, and best practices with an eye to improving children's outcomes in school and social life.

August 26:
Key Concerns in Diagnosing and Treating Adolescents Description: Adolescents face many challenges (and thrilling new experiences) as they transition into adulthood — a passage that is often more difficult for teens with ADHD. The good news is that preventive education, a proper diagnosis that includes evaluation for comorbid conditions, and the identification of “stress points” will ease the transition and set teens up for a successful launch into adulthood.

September 8th:
Key Concerns and Strategies for Diagnosing and Treating Adults with ADHD ADHD in adults is among the most impairing disorders seen in clinical practice, affecting self-care and independence, education, peer and romantic relationships, driving, substance abuse, and child rearing, among others. In this webinar, learn about the latest research on ADHD in adults, how to ensure an accurate diagnosis in this population, how to identify the detailed risks within each domain of impairment, and key recommendations and treatments to address symptoms.

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