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Provision of Special Education Online Webinar 1: Parents or Practitioners?

Location: Webinar
Date: September 17, 2020 at 2:00pm

Webinar 1: Parents or Practitioners?

Clarifying responsibilities of caretakers and practitioners

of students with disabilities in remote learning environments.

Questions this webinar will address:


What does IDEA say about the role parents or caretakers should have in their child’s education?

Have there been hearing decisions related to the role of parents or caretakers in remote and online learning environments?

What does research say about how parents or caretakers support their child with a disability in remote and online learning environments?

What are the differences between the duties of a special education teacher and parent or caretaker in remote learning environments?



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Webinar 1

Thurs, Sept 17

2:00-2:30 EST

Kelsey M. Ortiz, Ph.D.

Director, iDEC

Amy M. Pleet-Odle, Ed.D.

Inclusion Focused Coaching


Kelsey is the founder and director of the Inclusive Digital Era Collaborative (iDEC). Kelsey supports state efforts to have deeper policy discussions around digital learning and equal access for all students. Her work with state education agencies includes IDEA policy development in online learning environments, IEP compliance and training in virtual schools, and advocacy for parents seeking equitable school choice options. Kelsey’s background as a special education teacher and vocational rehabilitation counselor provide her with critical insight into the needs of students with disabilities in community- based environments.


Amy has 50 years of educational experience, living the perspectives of general & special education teacher, department chair, transition coordinator, state department specialist, associate professor, AND parent. As an inclusion coach for two decades, she's worked with hundreds of teachers and school leaders to support their school transformations. Her consulting company, Inclusion Focused Coaching offers online professional development and coaching to schools and training for Inclusion Coaches to facilitate the school transformation process, focused on youth empowerment, family partnerships, and increased job satisfaction for teachers.

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