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Building Self-Healing Communities: Help That Helps

Location: Zoom
Date: May 19 at 12:00am

Building Self-Healing Communities: Help That Helps
Thursday, May 19, 2022
12 – 1 pm MT / 1 – 2 pm CT



Capabilities and belonging are interwoven in our lives, and they are affected by ACEs. So, what helps the population with high ACE Scores to experience more health and well-being?

To gain insights into this question, we turn to data collected in the Washington State Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey. This data was collected specifically to learn about what helps parenting-age adults with a history of adversity. The thinking was that if parenting adults are more well, and experience healthy functioning day by day, they will be better able to prevent ACEs in their children’s lives.

• Understand the power of parenting adults to prevent ACEs
• Recognize the role of community in supporting parenting adults
• Learn the four resilience factors that reduce the impact of ACEs
• Explore the data on what impacts of ACEs are reduces

Help That Helps is for audiences who have received the core Understanding ACEs training and are ready to learn about how to take that understanding and move toward implementation in relationships, workplaces and community.

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