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Breaking Down Barriers and Building Supports

Location: Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center - Oacoma, SD
Date: June 23 at 9:00am

This one day summit is to help build support for children and youth experiencing homelessness through communication, resources, connection, and relationships. Featuring Dr. Donna Beegle.

Breaking the Iron Cages of Poverty for Leaders: Most information on poverty comes from the media, which predominately provides stories that perpetuate myths and stereotypes. In this interactive segment, Dr. Beegle will provide leaders and faculty with a poverty knowledge base necessary for creating a more inclusive, responsive environment for students living in the crisis of poverty. Participants will gain tools for understanding how life looks and feels from the perspectives of people impacted by the many different types of poverty and what barriers we need to remove to increase success.

We see this as an opportunity to come together and hear the same message and develop relationships to support the work of all those who are working with families, students, and youth who are experiencing homelessness.

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Breadking Down Barriers And Building Supports

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