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Beyond Borders: Global Perspectives on Digital Media and Children

Location: Virtual
Date: December 1 at 11:30am

11:30 CT / 10:30 MT

Brought to you by Children and Screens Institute of Digital Media and Child Development

Beyond Borders

How are different cultures and countries managing a new generation of youth increasingly using screens for social connection, entertainment, and education? Are children using digital media in the same ways around the world? What can we learn from what other communities are doing to protect and advocate for children?

Join us for our next Ask the Experts webinar, Beyond Borders: Global Perspectives on Digital Media and Children, as our international panel of experts examine the latest trends in youth media habits, research, policies and parenting perspectives from around the world. While borders may be easily blurred in the digital commons, this special webinar will explore the variances in regional and cultural perceptions and responses to the impacts of digital media on youth and families, and how these different approaches might be applied to advocacy for children in every community.


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