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Autism Acceptance Month Coffee Talk Series

Location: Webinar
Date: April 7 at 1:00pm

Autism Acceptance Month Coffee Talk Series 2021 - 1PM CT/ 12PM MT

AMCHP's State Public Health Autism Resource Center (SPHARC) is proud to host a virtual coffee talk series in honor of Autism Awareness Month.
We will be joined by expert guests speakers each week, including young adults and self-advocates with ASD. This series is open to all interested attendees. We hope to see you there!

April 7 - Telehealth ASD
Dr. Jeffrey Hine from Vanderbilt University will be sharing about TELE-ASD-PEDS, a tool designed for use by providers and families during a telehealth assessment for autism.

April 14 - Girls on the Spectrum
Girls with autism are often misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and miss out on the support they need. Join us for a special coffee talk centered on girls with ASD.

April 21 - Transition Employment
Many adults with autism are unemployed or underemployed, despite having the skills to succeed in the work place. Learn about how we can support young adults as they transition out of school and into their communities.

April 28 - Partnering with Families
This coffee talk will showcase two parent-led organizations, DC Autism Parents and P2P USA. Join us as we delve into developing meaningful partnerships with parents and caregivers.

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