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Youth and AI-Driven Tech Webinar

November 15 @ 11:00am - 12:00pm CST

The breakneck pace of AI development and computing power has created a new age of algorithmic content delivery online, where youth (and adults) are all too easily funneled into rabbit holes, echo chambers, and media consumption marathons. But what are algorithms and how do they work? How can parents and caregivers protect themselves and their children from the harms of hidden mechanisms designed to maximize screen time, hijack attention, and minimize creative thought and exploration?

Panelists with expertise in computer science, human-computer learning, communications, and mental health will survey the current state of data-driven media online, how algorithms work to increase and solidify bias, and what families need to know to develop essential skills to cope with the growing influence of algorithmically-delivered content on youth’s development, preferences, and minds.



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