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Strategies for Managing Your Sensitivities in Real Time

October 19 @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm CDT

Do you ever feel so devastated by criticism or ‘constructive’ feedback that you shut down and recovery seems impossible? Is it overwhelmingly tough to rebound after feeling left out or saying something you regret? Rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD) is almost ubiquitous with ADHD, though it’s not included in the condition’s formal diagnostic criteria.

RSD refers to unbearable feelings of pain following an actual or perceived rejection. These intense feelings, directly related to emotional dysregulation, lead to an expectation that others will pull back their support, love, or respect. In this webinar, award-winning author, international speaker, and consultant Dr. Sharon Saline will show you how to manage the heightened emotional sensitivity that often accompanies ADHD. She will explore various treatment options and practical techniques for managing RSD in real time based on cognitive behavior therapy, positive psychology, and mindfulness.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How rejection sensitive dysphoria manifests in adults and older teens with ADHD
  • How to develop effective strategies for managing intense feelings of hurt and pain by improving emotional regulation skills
  • How to identify triggers and bounce back from criticism and rejection by improving communication skills, relying on self-compassion, and shifting your mindset
  • About practical tools for coping with heightened emotional sensitivity at work, with peers, and in intimate relationships
  • About methods for overcoming limiting beliefs and behaviors based on cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and mindfulness
  • How to build resilience and be prepared to face challenging situations with more confidence and competence



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